Arthur Price Cutlery

Itís easy to see why so many love this Lichfield based brand Ė almost 120 years of superior cutlery heritage doesnít happen by accident.
Customers have been delighted for decades by collections noted for stunning designs combined with reassuring solidity and uniformity.
And with the majority of their ranges still manufactured in the UK, Arthur Price products are synonymous with a quality to rival anything from Sheffield.

Arthur Price Cutlery at Millys Store

Why do we love Arthur Price cutlery and recommend it to our customers?

Our MD Neil highlights the enduring appeal:

‘One of the few remaining established family businesses of this type – my personal relationship with the Price family goes back many years.

‘The reason why I’ve always been happy to sell – and suggest – Arthur Price collections to my own customers comes down to more than just great products.

‘As soon as you look at – and pick up – a piece, the quality is clear – but the company’s values are just as impressive to us.

‘Innovation and evolution has allowed them to thrive for so long – whether that’s through selling online, or via exclusive collaboration with exciting designers.

‘But all that progress has been underpinned by an adherence to their family values and acknowledgement of their heritage.

‘That’s how they can create ranges based on traditional parish patterns, alongside children’s collections featuring characters like the Gruffalo or Minions.

‘Necessary developments that appeal to new customers, without ever compromising the standards that built their reputation in the first place.

‘Our customers appreciate this – and at Millys we always aim to reach the same standards – that’s why I’ll always urge anyone to put Arthur Price on their table.’

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