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Arthur Price Cutlery Clive Christian Empire Flame All Gold 125 Piece Chest for 12 People

Unashamedly flamboyant, richly embellished with intricate detailing this Clive Christian Gold Plated cutlery is the epitome of luxury, timelessness and beauty


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Arthur Price Cutlery Clive Christian Empire Flame All Gold 125 Piece Chest for 12 People

Clive Christian is a prolific designer with a passion for luxury and a philosophy no more complex than the desire to be the best in class. The brand is a unique and influential force within the British luxury industry today.

This 125 piece chest comprises:
12 x Table Knives
12 x Table Forks
12 x Dessert Knives
12 x Dessert Forks
12 x Dessert Spoons
12 x Soup Spoons
12 x Tea Spoons
12 x Coffee Spoons
12 x Fish Knives
12 x Fish Forks
4 x Table Spoons
1 x Caviar Spoon

Presented in a luxury hand made 5 drawer cutlery chest, with an ebony black finish and brass fittings.

All of Clive Christian cutlery is made to exact specification by Arthur Price of England and is simply the finest cutlery that money can buy. Thatís because every individual item is afforded the same levels of skill, technological innovation, styling and commitment to quality that have been the hallmark of Arthur Price of England for over 110 years.

One of the many hugely appealing aspects of choosing any Arthur Price of England cutlery is its collectability. In fact few other cutlery ranges can offer so many fine pieces for your collection.

Made from hot forged stainless steel and plated with 24 carat gold.

Please note: to comply with current legislation, we will only sell cutlery to named credit/debit card holders over the age of 18.

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