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Baker's Secret Easy Store 5-Piece Bakeware Set

Baker's Secret Easy Store 5-Piece Bakeware Set

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£15 Off When You Spend £150

About this product

A 5-piece bakeware set designed for compact, easy storage: Each shape nests in the next larger size to take up less space in cupboards. Premium non-stick coating for better baking & non-stick performance Dishwasher & Metal Spatula Safe. Includes 1 each: Oblong Pan Loaf Pan 20cm Square Pan 6-Cup Muffin Pan Small Baking Tray 0.600 Kg
Baker's secretnonstick bakeware makes homemade baking fun and easy. You can depend on Baker's secret for perfect release of all your baked goods and quick, effortless clean up every time.

Here’s the secret behind this revolutionary product; silicone nonstick coating on two-ply steel.

Technical information

Proprietary Silicone Nonstick Coating

• Minimizes abrasion
• Wipes clean easily
• Use it for cooking and baking
• Complete coverage of metal surfaces
• Optimal browning for best results



Two-ply steel with Electro-Tin Plating (ETP)

• Enhanced durability
• Rust protection
• Even heating for baking and cooking
• Easy to handle in and out of oven
• Dishwasher friendly


• Follow recipe instructions for greasing and flouring. 
• Use only non-metal utensils, nylon and wood tools work great.
• Towel dry after washing to extend the life of the pan.
• Don't use knives, forks, serrated blades, metal scrapping/cutting tools, steel wool, abrasive pads/cleansers on the non-stick surface.
• It is safe to use non-stick cooking sprays for added release of baked goods. However, you may notice slight discoloration from the spray; this will not affect your pan's performance.
• For nonstick bakeware, check for doneness at shortest baking time or reduce oven temperature by 14° C (25° F). 
• For maximum life, use pan for flour-based recipes (i.e. pastries and breads).



• Don't use on rangetop, in microwave or allow direct contact with flame.
• Don't use for long term storage of food.

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Baker's Secret Easy Store 5-Piece Bakeware Set