Bridgewater Candle Company Large Candle 18 oz - Gathering

Bridgewater Candle Company Large Candle 18 oz - Gathering

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About this product

Radiating with golden warmth and sprightly spice, Gathering ushers the olfactory sense to fond inner circles of comfy familiarity. Crystalized Bosc pear bids an amicable welcome followed by delectable encounters of cinnamon and clove. Gourmand garnishes of rich baked vanilla seal the fragrance in an unforgettable sweetness that leave the senses in a state of pure satisfaction.

This luxury candle by fragrance experts Bridgewater Candle Company is the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones alike.

The Bridgewater Candle Company is part of Light a Candle Feed a Child partnership with Rice Bowls. Through this partnership, 3 meals a day are donated for every Bridgewater Candle Company candle that is sold. With this help, over 7 million meals have been provided for children who deserve a seat at the table. They believe the future is bright. So when you light a candle, you feed a child. When you choose a fragrance, you create a memory. Join the mission and be a small part of something big.

Technical information

A stylish design with soy blend wax

Fragrance Family: Gourmand

Burn time up to 145 hours

Capacity: 18.5oz/524grams


Bridgewater Candle Company by Heart of The Country

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Bridgewater Candle Company Large Candle 18 oz - Gathering