Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware

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Chasseur’s collection of enameled cast iron cookware is a must-have for any kitchen. From cooking hearty family casseroles or roasting succulent meat and crispy potatoes for Sunday dinner, to griddling fresh fish or steaks for for a tasty weeknight supper. This quality cast-iron range established in 1924 is made in Donchery, in the French Champagne Ardenne region – an area famous around the world for it’s fantastic food, wine and of course, Champagne! Chasseur’s cast iron range comes with a lifetime guarantee, assured by a fastidious manufacturing process. This incorporates the best quality materials and the skilled craftsmanship of workers refining techniques that have been employed over the past 90 years. Every product in the range has a double layer of enameled cast iron, making them hard wearing when used at high temperatures and also protecting against corrosion.

Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware at Millys Store

Why MillysStore love Chasseur Cast Iron
We love the Chasseur range because of the ease of serving from oven to table, perfect for family meals and get togethers. The enamelled cast iron retains heat so you can go back for a second serving whilst the food is still piping hot!

Features include:

• Enamelled finish

• Can be used on all hob types including induction

• Heat is evenly distributed for slow cooking and to save energy

• Resistant to high temperatures when cooking 

• Non-stick

• Easy cleaning

• Dishwasher safe

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