Chasseur Cast Iron Flame Round Casserole 18cm/1.8L

Chasseur Cast Iron Flame Round Casserole 18cm/1.8L

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About this product

Chasseurís cast iron round casserole in flame is a must-have for slow cooking, roasting and even baking breads or cakes. The 18 cm casserole has the capacity for 1.8 Lt perfect for two servings. This versatile casserole can be transferred directly from hob or oven to table, ideal for sharing a heartwarming dish with family or guests. The double enamelled finish allows the casserole to retain heat so you can go back for a second serving whilst the food is still piping hot!

A unique feature of the round casserole is the self-basting lid, the rings on the inside of the lid evenly releases the condensated juices back into the dish, creating moisture and enhancing flavours of the ingredients. The ergonomic design of the cast iron handles allows easy grip when handling and manoeuvring the casserole safely around the kitchen.

Technical information

• Dishwasher safe: yes

• Easy to clean: yes

• Material: enamelled cast iron

• Internal Diameter cm : 18

• External Sizes cm  : L 25  W 18.8  H 13
• Capacity: 1.8 Lt

• Can be used on all hob types including induction

• Resistant to high temperatures when cooking 

• Lifetime guarantee 

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Chasseur Cast Iron Flame Round Casserole 18cm/1.8L