Chrysalis Amber Charm Bead Box Set

Chrysalis Amber Charm Bead Box Set

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Chrysalis Amber Charm Bead Box Set

Chrysalis Charm Bead Box Sets are a fantastic way to start your Chrysalis jewellery collection.

This set contains 5 Sterling Silver and Amber Chrysalis Beads.

Each Chrysalis Amber bead has a sterling silver insert and Chrysalis branding.

The Chrysalis Amber beads come in shades of milky white, tantalising lemon, rich sumptuous shades of cherry red and gorgeous deep honey tones of cognac. Their finishes are both faceted and cabochon, and the Amber provides a warmth and radiance that no other gemstone can achieve.

Add one or more of these amazing Amber beads to your Chrysalis bracelet or necklace to create a unique and natural look. Each Chrysalis Amber bead will add an individual touch to your piece of jewellery as no two Chrysalis Amber beads will ever be identical.

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Chrysalis Amber Charm Bead Box Set