Classic Ikon Series By Wusthof

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What do you get when you combine the best in design and ergonomics? A Classic Ikon Wusthof knife celebrated for giving chefs across the world the ultimate cutting experience. When a piece of high carbon steel is specially tempered and forged into an Ikon knife, what you get is truly outstanding style and strength, enhanced by an innovative handle design which makes cutting and chopping a pleasant and satisfying experience. The luxury finish embellishes a black triple-riveted handle shell and full tang which means that the single piece of steel extends the full length of the knife from tip to grip.

Classic IKON Series at Millys Store

Why We Love Classic Ikon Series

Do you know what PEtec is? Neither did we until the Wusthof team told us about the precision edge technology they use to create their IKON knives. The bolster is especially designed to last forever with an edge so sharp it feel like it could cut a rock.


  • Made from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel
  • Innovative handle design for comfort and control
  • Seamless hygienic fit of the handle
  • Triple riveted shells
  • Full tang
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