Wedgwood Cornucopia China

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Wedgwood Cornucopia Plate 27cm
RRP: £40.00
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Wedgwood Cornucopia Plate 23cm
RRP: £37.00
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As one of the brand’s most iconic and desired ranges, Wedgwood Cornucopia china is truly an exquisite piece of dinnerware for your dining table. Inspired by the mythical ‘horn of plenty’, each part of a Wedgwood Cornucopia dinner set features part of the elaborate pattern of unicorns, satyrs and other fantastical elements, with a decadent 22-carat gold rim. Whether you are looking for a Wedgwood Cornucopia plate to act as a centrepiece, cups and saucers, vegetable dishes or maybe even a coffee pot, you can find something to impress from our stunning Wedgwood Cornucopia dinnerware range.

Cornucopia at Millys Store

What is Wedgwood Cornucopia Dinnerware?

The Wedgwood Cornucopia range was first designed in 1995. Made out of white fine bone china, the navy ribbons are decorated with an intricate ochre pattern of mythical figures, making it an instantly recognisable Wedgwood piece. Each piece in the range also boasts a 22-carat gold rim to give a further sense of luxury.

What is in a Wedgwood Cornucopia Dinner Set?

If you want to create a Wedgwood Cornucopia dinner set, there are plenty of items in the range to choose from.

Wedgwood Cornucopia plates are available in a variety of sizes, from large 27cm dinner plates, to small 15cm side plates and everything in between. Not only this, but there are a number of serving dishes available, such as the Wedgwood Cornucopia 39cm oval dish, the covered vegetable dish and the bread and butter plate, perfect for hosting an elegant banquet.

After dinner, you and your guests can even enjoy some tea or coffee in a similar style with the Wedgwood Cornucopia china tea and coffee sets, which include cups, saucers, teapots, coffee pots and a sugar bowl.

Is Wedgwood Cornucopia Dishwasher Safe?

Wedgwood Cornucopia china is dishwasher safe. Always check individual pieces for their care instructions. Clean as soon as possible after use and never use abrasive cleaning materials.

The range can be warmed to 100 degrees celsius but is not ovenproof and should not be exposed to direct or rapid heat. Due to the 22-carat gold trim, Wedgwood Cornucopia is not safe for use in a microwave. 

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