Portmeirion Crazy Daisy Dinnerware

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Bursting with colour, the Crazy Daisy range from Portmeirion is the only way to start your day. The range comprises plates and bowls of various sizes, mugs, tea cups and sugar bowls. Trays and cake stands make it the perfect afternoon tea service, and the egg-cups and toast rack ensure a bright start for breakfast. From breakfast to dinner and every meal in between, this is the perfect set for mixing and matching. Modern pastels and linear floral designs brighten your home, delight your family and charm your guests at any time of day.

Crazy Daisy at Millys Store


Why We Love Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy is breakfast heaven! Whatever the weather, this fresh and funky range will make your morning fun-filled and bright. Sunny-side up please!

Safe in Dishwasher: Yes
Use in Microwave: Yes
Freezer Proof: Yes
Ovenproof: Yes
Material: Porcelain

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