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Denby China & Tableware

Denby has just celebrated 200 years of making pottery in Derbyshire. Clay was discovered at Denby in the early 1800s and pottery has been made on this site since 1809, when the Bourne family established the pottery. For two centuries, Denby has made the pottery of everyday living - a tradition that continues today with tableware that meets the demands of the modern lifestyle.

Everybody loves good food and everybody knows great food looks and tastes better if it is well presented. Denby dinnerware was born from this love of food. Every piece of Denby has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food. Every piece is oven proof, microwave proof, freezer proof and dishwasher proof, so you can relax and enjoy. Anyone who owns Denby dinnerware will tell you how versatile it is and how good it feels.

Denby is world famous for its stoneware products and is fast gaining a reputation for porcelain and china. As you would expect, all Denby tableware is practical, durable and extremely good looking. Denby Stoneware is very strong and is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance. Denby Porcelain is similar in strength to stoneware, but has a more translucent body and is naturally a blue-grey white. Denby China has all the elegance of china with all the long-lasting toughness of Denby. It is elegant and refined but also tough, useable and chip-resistant.

Every piece has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food – from the gravy rim on their plates to the space on their saucers for biscuits. Denby tableware is made for real food, not just for show. It is for sharing, for fingers, for chopsticks, for barbeques, for kitchens…you choose.

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