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As one of the leading English manufacturers of fine china, Wedgwood have had some big names in the design world lend their eye to creating their own range - including the fashion designer, Vera Wang. Perfect for modern tables, Vera Wang dinnerware is created with elegance in mind. From the detailed Lace Platinum collection to the minimal Venato Imperial range, a Vera Wang dinner set combines style with the renowned quality of Wedgwood. Whether you are looking for individual Vera Wang plates, or want to kit out your dining table with a complete Vera Wang tableware set, enjoy a beautiful combination of style and substance with these fabulous collections.

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What Are The Vera Wang Dinner Sets?

Having had an illustrious fashion career, it is no surprise that Vera Wang has turned her hand so well to creating some stunning dining sets for one of the most sought-after fine china producers!

Vera Wang has become an icon in the fashion industry, celebrated for her elegant bridal designs. At just 23 years of age, she became the youngest ever Vogue fashion editor and stylist before moving on to become a Design Director at Ralph Lauren.  

The Vera Wang dining range includes a range of dinner sets that encapsulates her signature design elements in different ways. Each piece was designed with a modern approach to classic style in order to create something sophisticated, elegant, timeless and luxurious - whether it is used on wedding tables or for everyday dining. 

What Vera Wang Dinner Sets Are Available?

Each piece of the Vera Wang dinnerware collection comes with the Wedgwood brand and trademark to guarantee the quality of the product.

The Lace Platinum and Lace Gold ranges feature delicate patterns reminiscent of Vera Wang’s bridal styles, while the Blanc Sur Blanc range is stylishly minimal. The romantic touch of the Grosgrain dinner set will also bring a touch of class to your table, while the marble pattern of the Venato Imperial range is bold and modern. Finally, who wouldn’t fall in love with the delicate floral gold details of the Jardin dining sets, inspired by Vera Wang’s own ink drawings and love of nature. 

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