Global 6 Piece Limited Edition Kitchen Knife Chef's Case Set + FREE Global Power Bank

Global 6 Piece Limited Edition Kitchen Knife Chef's Case Set + FREE Global Power Bank

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Global 6 Piece Limited Edition Kitchen Knife Chef's Case Set With FREE Global Power Bank

The set includes:
G-2 20cm Cook's Knife
G-9 22cm Bread Knife
GS-5 14cm Vegetable Knife
GS-11 15cm Flexible Utility Knife
GS-38 9cm Paring Knife
Global Knife Case (High Quality Italian Buffalo Leather, Made in Netherlands)
+FREE Global Power Bank

The G-2 is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made! It can slice, dice, chop, and really do anything that you need. A multi-purpose all round blade that is included in virtually every knife set produced. It has won dozens of awards over the years testifying to the popularity of the blade.

The G-9 is Global's classically shaped bread knife. It is a specialist knife, really for use with bread only. The teeth are made to saw through the crust of bread but could also be used for some tough meats, for example crackling. The funny thing is, the Japanese do not really eat bread and so it is one of those products that they never really understood! If you look closely at the knife blade you will see that on the face of the knife, the teeth have a chamber whilst on the back of the knife, the face is flat. When you cut into bread, you will automatically cut inwards in a curve rather than straight down and the chamber is there to help correct this so that your slicers will be more of a similar thickness all the way through.

The GS-5 is the little brother of the G-5 vegetable chopper, with the same shape of blade in a smaller proportion. These knives take their inspiration from Japanese Usaba (Vegetable Knives), the relatively flat parts of the blade are designed to chop through fruit and vegetables and come into full contact with the chopping board and give a clean cut. The front of the blades are more curved like a chef's knife, to allow the knife to be rocked gently forward after each cut and encourage good technique.

The GS-11 is one of the more popular knives in the Global range and is frequently found in many of the sets where it fills the role of filleting, carving and 'general purpose' knife, hence its name. The GS-11 has a medium sized blade at 11cm which is good for filleting small fish such as sea bass. The blade is also flexible which makes it suitable for this purpose. It can also be used as a small carving knife and as it says, utility by name, utility by nature.

The GS-36 Utility knife is a seriously nifty little instrument with a 12cm blade and character hollow handle. The GS-38 is a beautiful little paring knife useful for lots of little tasks in the kitchen. It is the hollow handle alternative to the GSF-15 and often found in more recent sets. The hollow handle has an ergonomic shape making this little knife comfortable to handle . The GS Series is Global's range of small and medium sized knives and encompass everything from cook's knives to tweezers and spatulas.


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Requires USB Cable
Works as a Torch
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The new GLOBAL-Branded Power Bank will neatly fit into either a pocket or handbag, and will allow the user to double-up on the amount of power on their phone or I-pad, whilst away from home or office.

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Technical information

Cromova18 Stainless Steel Hollow Handles

Rockwell C56-58 Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge

Handwash Only

Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Japan
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Global 6 Piece Limited Edition Kitchen Knife Chef's Case Set + FREE Global Power Bank