Global Knives 6 Piece Knife Pad Stand Set

Global Knives 6 Piece Knife Pad Stand Set

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About this product

A larger companion to the 4 piece knife pad set, this item incorporate a safe and stylish storage arrangement for five high performance Global kitchen knives.
Suitable for a wide and varied of cooking tasks from chopping to paring, the knives are ideal for any at home professional or keen amateur chef.

Every Global kitchen knife is made from a unique stainless steel alloy and ice tempered for superior hardness.
They are manufactured by hand to a much steeper angle than other knives that typically feature bevelled edges.

This enables each knife to achieve a much keener razor edge that retains its sharpness for longer, as well as resisting corrosion, stains and rust over time.

Technical information

The complete set incorporates:
● 1 x G-2 Cook’s Knife (20cm blade)
● 1 x G-9 Bread Knife (22cm blade)
● 1 x GS-5 Vegetable Chopper (14cm blade)
● 1 x GS-11 Utility Knife (flexible 15cm blade)
● 1 x GS-38 Paring Knife (9cm blade)
● 1 x Large Knife Stand

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Global Knives 6 Piece Knife Pad Stand Set