Global Knives GSF Series 15cm Utility Knife GSF24

Global Knives GSF Series 15cm Utility Knife GSF24

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Global Knives GSF Series 15cm Utility Knife GSF24

From carving a chicken to chopping a salad or just making a sandwich, the slender 15cm blade of this utility knife is the longest in the Global GSF series with solid forged handles and is ideal for myriads of jobs.

The slim blade is great for all sorts of delicate slicing work, too.

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What our customers thought...

This GSF24 has a solid handle, so is reassuringly weighty. It has a very sharp edge (as received) which I maintain with the ceramic G45 sharpener. I like the length of this knife, it can cope easily with a wide range of usage. I have several Global knives and this is the current favourite. Carefully stored and sharpened after every use, this is another Global knife that will last a lifetime. Millys offers best value and excellent service and I have no hesitation in recommending both the store and this knife.
Duncan Murray
A razor sharp general purpose knife, ideal for peeling and slicing. I've tried a few different makes of kitchen knives but nothing else can touch a Global. I've had a Global carving knife for 5 years and it's just as sharp as when new. You just have to use an approved sharpener e.g. MinoSharp, and take care not to let the knives clatter about with other cutlery to avoid damage to the cutting edge. Millys is the best value I have found, no hidden delivery charges, prompt delivery and very well packaged.

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Global Knives GSF Series 15cm Utility Knife GSF24