Global Sharpeners

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The Global range of sharpeners incudes metal, ceramic and diamond steels, pull through ceramic wheel sharpeners and a variety of whetstones and sharpening guides for enthusiastic amateurs or the professional chef. This comprehensive range of sharpening solutions is typical of Global who after years of experience producing some of the world’s best kitchen knives have expended the same energy to produce a varied range of sharpeners to suit any chef and all pockets.

Global Sharpeners at Millys Store

Millysstore likes the Global range of knife sharpeners for the variety in style and in price. You can be assured of the quality and usability of any of their sharpening solutions. Once you’re buying a knife of this quality it is reassuring to know you are maintaining it to the highest standards.


And remember they are not for use with any serrated knife or knives sharpened on one side only.

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