Arthur Price Classic Grecian Cutlery

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Just as at home in a domestic table setting as in an opulent hotel dining room, the Arthur Price Grecian cutlery collection has an understated glamour.
With bevelled edges and angles that reflect its Art Deco period origins, the angular details hint at classical Greek architecture, hence its name.
Although its heritage is relatively more modern than some other Arthur Price classic cutlery collections, Grecian has a timeless charm all of its own.
Both contemporary dining rooms and traditional tableware settings are enhanced by Grecian’s distinctive appearance and reassuring quality.

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Taking care of Arthur Price Grecian cutlery

Arthur Price Grecian is a classic collection but you’ll want it to stay looking as good as new by taking the proper care of it.

Sulphides in the atmosphere and in some foods can cause silver cutlery to tarnish over time.

To lessen the likelihood of this happening, keeping Arthur Price Grecian cutlery in a canteen away from other cutlery is advisable.

And always refer to manufacturer guidelines before attempting to remove tarnishing or using any cleaning products.

Stainless steel Grecian will be much less likely to tarnish or stain than silver and easier to keep clean.

Despite its high corrosion resistance, you should still avoid contact with potentially damaging substances, like salt, vinegar and undiluted detergents.

And you should always refer to manufacturer guidelines to ensure water softness and detergent concentration levels are correct when using a dishwasher.

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