Heston Blumenthal Knives

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, owner of the three Michelin starred Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, officially endorses the Tojiro Senkou Knife range after he found them to be his favourite knives. Heston Blumenthal only uses the very best ingredients and cooking utensils, choosing Tojiro Senkou knives above all others helping to create some of the best food in the world. Free delivery to most UK postcodes

Heston Blumenthal at Millys Store

Heston Blumenthal, one of the nation’s favourite TV chefs, uses the Japanese knife brand called Tojiro, so a knife can’t come with a higher profile! Heston Blumenthal Knives are aimed at professional chefs and keen home cooks, who care about what utensils they use to prepare food, with or without the dry ice!

Heston Blumenthal Knives feature a design created from a 3 layer blade which is made from AUS-10 HRC60 stainless steel. Heston Blumenthal Knives are a well priced option, guaranteeing precision and craftsmanship, performance and accuracy, every time they are put to use in the kitchen.

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