I.O.Shen 2 Piece Oriental Knife Set

I.O.Shen 2 Piece Oriental Knife Set

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This I.O.Shen Cooks Knife 2 Piece Knife Set the 160mm Sahm Khom Slicer and Mai Peng Parer./li>
Triplex Technology developed by I.O.Shen is made up of three layers of steel, a central, extra hard layer sandwiched by two softer layers.
The extremely hard central layer of Japanese steel provides an exceptionally sharp edge while outer layers provide protection and shock absorption.
Blades retain edge sharpness.
Knives are hand sharpened and honed by master craftsmen.The distinctive Tai Tang handle is an integral part of the design and adds balance and stability.

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I.O.Shen 2 Piece Oriental Knife Set