I.O. Shen Chai Khom Slicer Knife

I.O. Shen Chai Khom Slicer Knife

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The I.O. Shen Chai Khom Slicer is a baby santoku style knife. It sports a new mid-sized handle to provide perfect balance to the blade which features a slight curve to its edge allowing you to ‘rock chop’ vegetables or use it as a herb chopper.

The smaller length of the blade and its strong point make it the perfect choice for scoring meat or slicing tough vegetables. The depth of the blade also provides plenty of knuckle clearance for those with larger hands. The depth can also be used to protect fingers when chopping.

The Chai Khom Slicer is very much an oriental knife but can be used to make traditional cuts. It can tackle the hardest of root vegetables yet is light enough that the user won’t feel fatigued even after large amounts of prep.

Robust, yet delicate, this is the perfect knife for the home cook who enjoys oriental style knives with a shorter blade length. I.O. Shen knives use Triplex steel technology for an exceptionally sharp and long lasting cutting edge.

The hardness of steel is measured using a Rockwell hardness scale. The harder the steel the longer it stays sharp. The downside to this is that it is also very brittle.

To overcome this problem, I.O. Shen sandwich a layer of Rockwell 62° steel (the hardest steel available) between two softer layers of Rockwell 10° steel. This is then expertly hand sharpened to a 15° angle. I.O.

Shen's unique Tai Tang handle sets it apart from any other knife. The design isn't just an embellishment, it's an integral part of the handle providing balance and stability.

Technical information



PRODUCT TYPE: Santoku Knives

SIZE: 160mm

MATERIAL: German Stainless Steel


Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.

Hand wash only.

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I.O. Shen Chai Khom Slicer Knife