Jardin By Vera Wang

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Vera Jardin by Wedgwood is directly influenced by Vera’s personal collection of Oxalis pen and ink drawing art, as well as her love of nature. Vera’s recent visit to the temples of West Lake in Hangzhou, China is the scene for the Chinese story “Butterfly Lovers” which is the equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. It was here that Vera found inspiration for Jardin with the lush surroundings, diverse arborvitae and fragrant botanicals. These botanical illustrations for part of Vera’s inspiration for the Vera Jardin collection. Shimmering, warm floral gold and bronze patterns on plates, mugs and bowls infuse positive energy in the home and at the table; perfect tableware for hosting dinner parties for family and friends. Selected items are presented in stylish signature Vera Wang Wedgwood gift boxes. Introduced: 2018 | Material: Bone China | Microwave Safe: No | Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Jardin at Millys Store

This new collection became a vision during Vera’s visit to the Temples at West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Influenced heavily by the lush surroundings and fragrant botanicals of the gardens, this artistically designed pattern resonates perfectly with passionate romanticists. With Fine Gold tendrils, Bronze petals, and shimmering leaves, these original prints complement the table on fine white bone china infusing positive energy to the home.

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