Joseph Joseph Lets Bake Baking Set

Joseph Joseph Lets Bake Baking Set

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Joseph Joseph Let’s Bake Baking Set

This setcomprises of:
1 x Whisk
1 x Bowl scraper
1 x Pastry brush

Features & Benefits:

Fin Silicone Bowl Scraper

Fin™ is curved to perfectly fit the sides of mixing bowls and the silicone makes it extra flexible. It also features an integrated foot that allows it to stand upright and avoids leaving a mess on the kitchen surfaces.
Perfect for dough and cake mixture, Fin™ is an essential for every baker!


This innovative stainless steel whisk helps streamline a host of mixing tasks with its unique design, which incorporates a handy silicone bowl scraper.
It allows you to make batters and cake mixes with ease and helps empty bowls in double-quick time.
Perfect for pancakes, cake mix and eggs, this useful utensil will quickly become an essential in your kitchen

Glaze refillable silicone pastry brush

The clever design means you don’t have to continually dip the brush into your mixture, avoiding drips on your work surface. It also stands upright between uses, so it doesn’t leave an egg wash mess when laid down.
Glaze comes with two interchangeable heads- one for egg wash and the other for sugar glaze- and has flexible, silicone bristles making it hygienic, easy to clean and won’t fall out into your food the way natural bristles do.

• Dishwasher Safe
• Food Safe
• BPA Free
• Material:
Whisk Head: Stainless Steel Whisk scraper: Silicone
Handle: Polypropylene
Non-slip Grip: TPR
Scraper: Silicone
Internal Core: Nylon (not food contact
Brush Head & Container: Silicone
Caps: Polypropylene

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Joseph Joseph Lets Bake Baking Set