Joseph Joseph Prism 4-in-1 Box Grater

Joseph Joseph Prism 4-in-1 Box Grater

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Joseph Joseph Prism 4-in-1 Box Grater

The sharp stainless steel blades of Prism are perfect for grating a variety of foods such as cheese, vegetables and whole spices or even zesting citrus fruits.

The handy, snap-on lid means that you can store any leftover grated food without dirtying another container.

After use, the entire blade section can be flipped over and placed inside the container for extra-safe and compact storage. It comes with a soft-grip handle and non-slip feet for extra easy grating.

• Conveniently grate straight into container
• Four types of blade- course, fine, extra-fine and star
• Perfect for storing unused grated food in the fridge
• Fine - Spiralizes carrots for salads
• Grater - Grates cheese and veg
• Includes storage container base with lid
• Blades store safely inside container after use
• Dimensions: 15.5 x 19 x 5.5cm (6 x 7½ x 2 inches)
• Weight :300 grams
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA Free
• Food Safe

Caution: Sharp blades – keep fingers away from blades during use and cleaning. Always store blades inside container when not in use.

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Joseph Joseph Prism 4-in-1 Box Grater