Kai Shun Classic Anniversary Edition

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Forty years ago, Kai Shun introduced European audiences to their inimitable knives. To mark the occasion, they released this limited-edition chef’s knife—a Western-inspired shape, manufactured with respect to centuries-old Japanese traditions. The result is a blade with a steep tapered V-edge that is capable of sharp, precise cutting and excellent edge retention. Like the knives in their popular Classic range, it features a core of hard VG Max steel surrounded by 32 layers of Damascus steel, polished in a way that helps prevent food from sticking to the blade and ensures durability. But while the longest chef’s knife in the Kai Shun Classic range is 20cm, this chef’s knife is 23.5cm. The chestnut (or ‘D-shaped’) pakkawood handle is designed to fit perfectly in a right-handed grip and has a traditional jade green and black hue that emphasises its one-of-a-kind nature. Printed on the bolster is each knife’s unique serial number, which ranges from 1 to 2,222—the number of these knives in circulation around the globe. This balanced chef’s knife feels almost effortless to use, and the versatile shape can handle the vast majority of food prep (though we urge you to exercise caution when cutting meat, as its hard, sharp blade may chip upon brash contact with bones)

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