Kitchen By Robert Welch

This eclectic and comprehensive collection of kitchen knives, utensils, gadgets, cookware and kitchenware epitomises British design in its sleek appearance and practical usability. Think about your kitchen as the centre of your home and make it feel beautiful with a selection of these Robert Welch pieces. If you love entertaining, cooking or simply relaxing in your kitchen, browse the collection and you’ll find a design that fits like a glove.

Kitchen at Millys Store

Why We Love Robert Welch Kitchen

The Robert Welch kitchen collection has won a handful of awards – that means everyone else loves it – but what about us? The Milly’s team is truly smitten. The signature utensil stands and salt and pepper mills are created around a curved, black satin body embellished with shiny stainless steel trimmings. We love the contemporary style and we know that they work brilliantly.


  • 25 year guarantee
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