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Judge Knife Honer & Sharpener
RRP: £70.00
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  Out of Stock
Tojiro Pro Ceramic Sharpener FD-641
RRP: £75.00
Ours: £54.95
  Out of Stock
Stellar 30cm Oval Sharpening Steel
RRP: £55.00
  Out of Stock
Heston Blumenthal 25cm Diamond Sharpener
RRP: £60.00
Ours: £49.95
  Out of Stock
Victorinox Knife Sharpener
RRP: £26.99
  Out of Stock
Shinkansen Minosharp Plus 3 Spare Blue Ceramic Wheel for 550
RRP: £15.00
Ours: £12.94

Knife Sharpeners at Millys Store

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