Knife Wizard Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener KE198

Knife Wizard Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener KE198

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Knife Wizard Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener KE198

Do you have a drawer full of blunt knives? Are you tired of using a sharpening steel to no great effect? Before you rush out to buy new knives, try reviewing your knife sharpener.

A blunt knife is a dangerous knife as it can slip easily when preparing food. Sharp knives slice through meat and vegetables with very little pressure and make food preparation a joy. Even relatively inexpensive knives can be brought to razor sharpness in seconds with the Knife Wizard KE-198.

The Knife Wizard Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener employs two spring loaded grinding wheels - coarse and fine - which apply a controlled pressure to the blade of the knife.

This sharpener is ideal for Japanese knives as the grooves in each section hold the knife at a 15 angle giving you a perfect cutting edge which is impossible when using a steel. It is the only sharpener that is suitable for single and double bevelled knives, as the left groove in each section sharpens the right hand side of the blade and the right groove sharpens the left hand side of the blade independently of each other. Knives are sharpened in the coarse section and polished to a razor finish in the fine section.

Chef's knives, steak knives, cleavers and even fluted knives can be sharpened perfectly.

There are special sharpening instructions enclosed with each machine for sharpening Japanese steel knives.

Technical information:
- Machine frame pressure moulded in polyurethane
- Powerful motor: torque 900gcm
- Abrasive wheels are formed from aluminium oxide and come with a lifetime guarantee
- Abrasive wheels spin at 1300rpm
- Drive shaft is hard steel, with phosphor bronze bearings
- Grove section is contructed from stainless steel
- Dust tray is constructed from aluminium
- Unpacked weight: 1.1kg
- Dimensions: L 220 x H 70 x W 90 mm

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Knife Wizard Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener KE198