Lismore Short Stories By Waterford

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Based on the fundamental design concepts of the original classic Lismore collection, the design team at Waterford have recreated two ranges with diverse yet co-ordinating composition. ‘Evolution’ as its name clearly suggests pays tribute to Lismore’s development over time from original traditional models to contemporary styling. ‘Revolution’ on the other hand decodes the original design context and reassembles it in various alternative forms. Cleverly, both styles still retain the classic quality and feel of traditional Waterford short drink glassware for lovers & ‘friends’ of whisky !

Lismore Short Stories at Millys Store

We love Lismore Short Stories at Millys  because you sense the quality and tradition every time you drink from the glass, and of course  the best whisky deserves the very best crystal.

Dishwasher Suitability :No
Microwave Use           : No
Crafted from              : Crystal


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