Masahiro Utility Knife 15cm

Masahiro Utility Knife 15cm

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Masahiro Utility Knife 15cm

Masahiro produce professional Japanese knives from high quality MBS 26 high carbon stainless steel. Manufactured in Japan Masahiro MV-H knives produced by Masahiro Co Ltd. in Seki, Japan are one of the most popular Japanese chefs knife ranges.

These knives have hardened blades with razor sharp edges and are finished with anti-bacterial black POM plastic handles.

They combine the very best of Japanese technology with traditional European looks and feel..

Masahiro knives are amazingly light weight, yet perfectly balanced. The handle is a composition plastic handle which is remarkably durable and much more practical and longer lasting than a laminated wood handle..

The composite handle is resistant to bacteria which keeps the knife very hygienic in daily use. The handles are a three rivet design and use a very wide full tang almost as wide as the handles themselves. This provides plenty of room for the rivets and still allows room for the handle to cover the tang for an incredibly smooth, seamless rounded handle that feels great in your hand.

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Masahiro Utility Knife 15cm