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Michel Roux Jr Global Collection 10 Piece Knife Block Set Black GR51/BR10

Seven knives covering all aspects of food preparation and baking, a ceramic sharpening steel and a pair of fish bone tweezers are combined with a black finish Michel Roux knife block which has room for more knives as your collection expands.


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Michel Roux Jr Global Collection 10 Piece Knife Block Set Black GR51/BR10

Along with a Michel Roux Jr. "Cooking With The Masterchef" cookbook, a Knife Skills DVD and a stainless steel tasting spoon, all supplied free of charge, this set consists of a large black Michel Roux Jr. Knife Block with knives for:

- Most every day cutting, chopping and dicing tasks: a G-2 General Purpose 20cm Cook's Knife
- Carving cold meat and fish: a G-65 27cm Ham/Salmon Slicer, Fluted
- Filleting fish or boning meat: a G-20 21cm Filleting Knife, Flexible
- Delicate food preparation: a GS-3 13cm Cook's Knife
- Most salads and vegetables: a GS-5 14cm Vegetable Chopper
- Peeling fruit or vegetables: a GS-38 9cm Paring Knife
- Icing or topping cakes or as a spatula to lift and place food: a GS-21/8 20cm Palette Knife/Spatula
- Keep your knives as sharp as the day they left the factory: a G-74 Ceramic Sharpening Steel
- For pin-boning fillets of fish: a pair of GS-29 Deluxe Fish Bone Tweezers

The Roux name is synonymous with the finest qualities of French haute cuisine. Michel Roux Jr. was born into Le Gavroche and was schooled in its kitchens, where he was imbued with its unique atmosphere and style.

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