Minosharp Knife Sharpeners

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Minosharp pull through ceramic wheel sharpeners offer a quick and optimum sharpening solution.Different models are produced for either oriental knives with a shallower cutting angle or for European knives with a wider cutting angle, as the guide for either dictates the optimum sharpening angle. For Global and other Japanese knIves we recommend either the 220GB or 220 RB whereas for all other Minosharp models, a universal shatpening angle is deployed. The ceramic sharpening discs for all models are hard wearing and come in different grades depending upon the required result. They are housed in a covered reservoir to which water should be added to prevent overheating. Spare discs are available for all models. In addition Minosharp also produce a full range of whetstones and knife guides for the enthusiatic amateur and professional chef.

MinoSharp Sharpeners at Millys Store

Minosharp also produce a complete range of whetstones with various combinations of grades and stands as well as knife guides for professional use, as well as a full range of pull through ceramic wheel sharpening solutions.


Millysstore  like the Minosharp pull through knife sharpeners because they offer a convenient and effective sharpening solution especially for those who do not like using sharpening steels or lack the time to use whetstones. When used regularly the Minosharp will maintain your knife at its peak performance.

And remember they are not for use with any serrated knife or knives sharpened on one side only.


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