Robert Welch Norton Bright Gift Boxed Cutlery Sets

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The V-shaped tips at the bottom of each handle make Robert Welch’s Norton cutlery truly special, alongside rounded generous heads and slim handles. Ergonomically pleasing and designed to be held with pleasure.

Norton Bright Gift Boxed Sets at Millys Store

Why We Love Norton Bright

Forget the canapes and the chat. Who needs to discuss wine or politics? Let’s cut to the chase. The most pleasurable part of a dinner party is the food. Sitting down to a meal with Robert Welch Norton Bright cutlery offers endless pleasure. It feels gorgeous to hold, comfortable to eat with and stunning to look at.


  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Spoons and forks are made from the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • Knives are forged from specially hardened stainless steel for a fine cutting edge
  • Individual pieces or boxed sets
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