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Arthur Price Classic Old English Cutlery

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Arthur Price classic Old English cutlery represents an evolution from the classic parish pattern ‘Rattail’ during the 1750s.
The distinctive ‘pip’ is a familiar design feature that is that has endured for centuries, even as table setting habits have changed.
That’s why you’ll see it on the front of the fork handle but on the back of the spoon – an echo of Georgian era settings, when spoons were placed face down.
As with Rattail, Old English cutlery wears its traditional appearance well alongside contemporary furnishings and table settings.

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Taking care of Arthur Price Old English cutlery

To keep your Arthur Price Old English cutlery looking as good as possible for as long as possible, take proper care of it.

While silver cutlery is resistant to corrosion it can become tarnished over time through contact with sulphides in certain foods and in the atmosphere.

To minimise the potential for this happening, store your Arthur Price Old English cutlery in a canteen separate to your main cutlery drawer.

And you should always follow manufacturer instructions before trying to remove any tarnishing if you do notice any.

Stainless steel Old English cutlery will be even less likely to stain or tarnish and should prove much easier to keep cleaner.

Despite its resistance to corrosion, needless exposure to potentially damaging substances such as salt, vinegar and undiluted detergents should be avoided.

If you use a dishwasher, always ensure water softness levels and detergent concentration are right by following manufacturer guidelines.

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