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Picquot Ware

Burrage and Boyd was a company formed in 1932 which produced Non-Electric Vacuum Cleaners. The main components were of cast aluminium. The company was based in Northampton where they had an aluminium foundry. The success of this venture made the owners look for additional products that could be made with the technology they had, namely casting, machining and finishing.

After some market research, they decided to manufacture a range of high-class tableware, starting with a 3-pint kettle made from one casting and fitted with wooden handles. Metallurgists suggested that by adding magnesium to the aluminium, a silver-like look could be obtained after polishing. Originally sold under the brand name of Newmaid, this was changed to
Picquot Ware in the early 1950s.

Picquot Ware offers exclusive, modern designs made from Magnailium, an alloy especially developed for Picquot ware which is polished, not plated. Picquot ware is cast in one piece to ensure that it never leaks around the spout, it has especially designed spouts for smooth, non-drip pouring and it is machined and has milled lid hinges for perfect fit so that it can be rejuvenated after many years of use. Picquot ware designs have heat resisted handles made of sycamore wood and the Picquot ware trays have heat resistant wareite centres. Although many competitors have switched to plastic handles, Picquot ware has always retained the distinctive sycamore wooden handle and hornbeam lid lifters. Picquot Ware have always felt that no plastic can imitate the grain of real wood.

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