Pimpernel Placemats And Coasters

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Pick up a Portmeirion Pimpernel Mat before you put anything onto furniture. Slip one under a cup of tea or a G&T, anywhere in your home. Eclectic designs combine chic with kitch - and the best thing is the completely sealed edge ensures no ruined mats. They’re resistant to the highest temperatures and defy virtually any kind of scuff, mark, or stain.

Pimpernel Mats at Millys Store

Why We Love Pimpernel Mats

They just look so cute! There are over 20 really pretty designs to choose from, including Dans le Jardin; Classic Burgundy; Harbour; On the Farm; Chef's Special; Vin de France and Dandelion Clocks. Mix and match to your heart’s content – and wave goodbye to tea rings on the table.



  • Sealed edges
  • High temperature resistance
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