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Pioneer By Grunwerg

Pioneer creates innovative mealtime and beverage solutions. Through the use of only the finest materials and manufacturing methods, we continue to create products that stand out from the competition.
Our drinks flasks and food containers have been designed to integrate seamlessly within what is an increasingly busy and fast-moving world. For us, the aim is to deliver long-lasting and fashionable products that are simple to use wherever you are.
Some of the people who continue to benefit from our products include:
Busy workers who need to snack and drink on the go
People out for picnics, whatever the weather
Exercise enthusiasts
So what makes Pioneer flasks and food containers special?
All of our products are constructed with a double wall. This ensures the elimination of any air from the space in-between the walls. A vacuum is subsequently created. As a result, heat is unable to escape from within your flask or container, reducing heat loss from inside.
For beverages, this means your hot drinks stay hotter for longer (up to 8 hours), whilst your cold drinks keep icy cool (up to a day). In terms of food, we’re also able to help maximise freshness and quality.
Many other brands choose to use polyfiller instead of the air elimination process our products rely on. Yet the material simply does not provide the same results.

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