Henckels Professional S Knives

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An incredible Knife Range, with a handle that gives a balanced feel to the whole knife, together with a hard-wearing blade.

Professional S at Millys Store

Henckels Professional S Knives and knife sets are classics for the professional kitchen. Chefs worldwide trust the quality and tradition of this knife series. The three-rivet handle design with full tang and seamless manufacturing make for optimum balance and safe handling. The innovative, gently curving bolster extends into the blade for unparalleled comfort in the optimised 'rocking' cutting motion; it also encourages the professional 'pinch grip' of the knife, giving greater control of the blade for accuracy, ease of use and comfort.

Each knife in the Henckels Professional S range is precision-forged from a single piece of high quality stainless steel for strength and perfect geometry this enables precise grinding and polishing for an exceptionally sharp cutting edge.
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