Radford Bright Cheese Knives And Accessories By Robert Welch

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The Robert Welch cheese knife collection is the perfect gift for a fine fromage lover who values function as highly as form. Every sleek knife has been developed to suit its individual use and to enhance the cheese aficionado’s experience, as well as making the table look beautiful. The set includes a stilton scoop and a 5 piece gourmet cheese knife set.

Radford Bright Cheese Knives and Accessories at Millys Store

Why We Love Radford Bright Cheese Knives and Accessories

What better way to finish off a delicious meal than to serve your guests a selection of crumbly, creamy cheeses? Our office full of cheese lovers has unanimously declared this top of our Christmas wish list. The sharp blades are impressive and the cheese chisel and stilton scoop make us feel like true connoisseurs.

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