Arthur Price Classic Rattail Cutlery

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Arthur Price classic Rattail cutlery represents everything you love about traditional ‘parish pattern’ cutlery.
Its name comes from the distinctive thin metal ‘spur’ that used to strengthen the back of spoons and forks when they were cast in two separate pieces.
Although it’s now purely a design element and not for rigidity, the ‘rat tail’ is the most recognisable feature of the range – and the reason for its name.
Rattail is the oldest pattern in the Arthur Price range and dates from around 1710, when modern table etiquette started to develop.
Despite its long history, the collection matches wonderfully well with contemporary table settings as well as traditional.

Rattail at Millys Store

Taking care of Arthur Price Rattail cutlery

The design of Rattail is timeless but to ensure your tableware stays looking as good as the day you bought it, proper care should be taken.

Silver is highly resistant to corrosion but can develop tarnishing over time due to the presence of sulphides in the atmosphere and in certain foods.

It’s best to store Rattail in a canteen separate to your main cutlery drawer to lessen the potential for damage.

If tarnishing does occur, always refer to manufacturer instructions before attempting any cleaning or removal.

Compared to silver plated cutlery, stainless steel Rattail is much harder to stain or tarnish (hence the name) and easier to keep clean.

It is extremely resistant to corrosion but you should avoid needless exposure to potentially damaging substances, like undiluted detergents, vinegar or salt.

And always follow dishwasher manufacturer guidelines to ensure detergent concentration and water softness levels are correct.

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