Robert Welch Oak Canteen

Robert Welch Oak Canteen



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Robert Welch Oak Canteen


This stylish wooden Robert Welch oak canteen holds up to 90 pieces of Robert Welch cutlery (12 seven piece place settings and 6 standard serving pieces i.e. serving spoons, serving forks and/or slotted spoons).

Please note that this canteen is not suitable for storing Trattoria, Vista or Ashbury cutlery.

Some simple loading instructions:
- Place all knives, blade up into the slots in the lid. Side knives go at the back and table knives to the front.

- Tea spoons go into the two small compartments located in the base of the canteen; equal numbers on each side.

- Now using the main bar fill from the extreme left slot to right half of your place settings: table forks, soup spoons, side forks, dessert spoons.

- Leave the centre slot empty for serving pieces.

It is recommended that you rotate the cutlery in use so that each piece gets similar wear.

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Robert Welch Oak Canteen