SCANPAN Classic 1.5L Saucepan

SCANPAN Classic 1.5L Saucepan

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SCANPAN Classic 1.5L Saucepan

18cm Saucepan with Lid

The pan for boiling and simmering liquids or making sauces.

The Classic range showcases a patented ceramic titanium non-stick surface allowing use of any utensil, including metal utensils. SCANPAN'S GreenTek coating is 100% free from PFOA and PFOS chemicals. Classic items are manufactured using squeeze cast recycled aluminium to help create a cleaner environment. All items and lids are ovenproof to 260 degrees Celsius. Suitable for all stove tops (excluding induction). Guaranteed not to warp. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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SCANPAN Classic 1.5L Saucepan