SCANPAN Classic 20cm Cook's Knife

SCANPAN Classic 20cm Cook's Knife

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About this product

A very affordable cooks knife from the Scanpan design team in Denmark. This is the middle sized of the three cooks knives in the range and the most popular. Cooks knives are one of the most useful knives in the kitchen. A deep stiff blade makes light work of the preparation of large vegetables and meat. Well balanced with very comfortable handles.


Technical information

20cm cook's knife

stylish Danish design at an affordable price

made from German CrMoV15 cutlery grade steel

hot drop forged

each blade tempered to Rockwell 57 and individually tested

made in China to exacting standards set down by Scanpan

comfortable trilobal handle

soft touch - "rubberised" handle material

will not stain or tarnish in normal use
always cut on to a soft material, such as wood or plastic

never cut on to hard materials, such as glass, marble or steel; they will dull your knives.

sharpen regularly

a dishwasher may be used, but hand washing is preferable

wash immediately in warm water with a soft sponge

wash before foodstuffs have dried on to the blade

dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Store Carefully - in a block or wallet

do not store loose in a drawer.

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SCANPAN Classic 20cm Cook's Knife