SCANPAN Classic 24cm Frying Pan

SCANPAN Classic 24cm Frying Pan

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SCANPAN Classic 24cm Frying Pan

24cm Frying Pan

The pan for frying meat, fish, vegetables or eggs.

The Classic range showcases a patented ceramic titanium non-stick surface allowing use of any utensil, including metal utensils. SCANPAN'S GreenTek coating is 100% free from PFOA and PFOS chemicals. Classic items are manufactured using squeeze cast recycled aluminium to help create a cleaner environment. All items and lids are ovenproof to 260 degrees Celsius. Suitable for all stove tops (excluding induction). Guaranteed not to warp. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Technical information

Scanpan's pressure cast aluminium base will never warp or buckle - even if used on an Aga.

There are never any "hot spots" on Scanpan pans. The thick cast base on these saucepans provides even heat distribution.

heat up quickly.

have a patented ceramic titanium non stick surface which is a permanent part of the pan and will not come off.

will never peel or blister.

provide a perfect release every time

Metal utensils can be used on scanpan pans - there's ne need to buy special utensils.

do not need to be oiled or seasoned.

have an ergonomic handle for comfort.

The handles on Scanpan pans will never come loose - the patented handle assembly uses no screws or rivets.


have a machined base for perfect contact on ceramic,electric and aga hobs.

oven safe up to 260 degrees C.

dishwasher safe.

What our customers thought...

So glad I found this frying pan. I wanted to get away from toxic non-stick, tried iron frying pans but just couldn't get them right (always black bits on the food). So this Scanpan is a revelation. Tough, healthy non-stick that really works, in a no nonsense pan, at a great price from Millys. Perfect.
Love scanpan. This is is an excellent frying pans that is really non stick.

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SCANPAN Classic 24cm Frying Pan