Sharpeners And Accessories By Wusthof

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A Wusthof knife deserves top quality care and attention, to be found in the sharpeners and accessories that partner the knife collection. Leading designs of poultry shears and kitchen scissors are equally elegant and as razor sharp as their counterparts. The sharpeners range from sharpening steels to pull-through sharpeners for anyone who fancies themselves a true kitchen professional.

Sharpeners and Accessories at Millys Store

Why We Love Wusthof Sharpeners and Accessories

The best things about these Wusthof accessories is that they match the knife ranges so perfectly in appearance and performance. The chicken scissors are amazing – never again will you be pulling your roast to shreds with two forks. They cut through bone, skin and meat, allowing you to serve perfectly shaped chicken pieces – crispy skin intact.

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