Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Black and Red 220BR

Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Black and Red 220BR

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This water sharpener is recommended for Global Knives and Japanese style knives. Not suitable for European manufactured knives.

It consists of two ceramic wheels - the white one for coarse sharpening, the pink one for medium sharpening.

Due to the fact that the sharpening groove and the ceramic wheel are not parallel, the oblique angle of the ceramic wheel is able to restore the razor sharpness of the knife.

It is one of the fastest and safest ways to sharpen knives. The presence of water enhances the sharpening process.

Not suitable for serrated knives or for traditional Japanese knives which are sharpened on one side only.

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What our customers thought...

I purchased this product to sharpen some Global Knives & I was really glad I did as the sharpener is simple to use & made a fantastic job of bringing back the original sharpness of the knives.
Fab item, great delivery, husband will be very pleased with this Xmas present thank you.
Really good little sharpener, it was recommended to use this for my global knives and it does it really quick and easy. I lost my other one so had to replace it!
A great sharpener that is easy to use. This puts a keen edge on any knife (except those with a bevel on one side only). Dull knives can be quickly brought back into sharpness. I don't 'saw' the blade (except on the coarsest wheel with a badly dulled knife), but draw it backwards on each pass so that the tip is sharpened properly too. I use it at least once a week, with knives getting a pass or two over my diamond steel every time they are used and after use. A sharp knife is safer than a blunt one.
Bought as a gift because we have found it easy to use and very effective.
Bought as a present for my daughter as I have been so pleased with the one I bought and have been using for the last few years
A great product that sharpens Global knives beautifully. Excellent service and communication from Millys.
Excellent on Global knives. I have had one for a couple of years now and it's still going strong and sharpening our global knives fabulously. I have just brought two more as presents for my father and brother.
Very easy to use and put a keen edge back on my Global knives. This is a cheap option for sharpening, but works very well and sorts out some of the cheaper brands of knives well too.
Fantastic, easy to use and a fabulous sharp edge on all my Global knives every time. I would normally use a whet stone, but unless you are confident with them (even with a guide rail) I would highly recommend this sharpener for a great result without the required skill of a stone. 10/10
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Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Black and Red 220BR