Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Grey and Black 220GB

Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Grey and Black 220GB

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This water sharpener contains two ceramic wheels - a white, coarser grit wheel and a pink, medium grit wheel - and it is recommended by Global for the safe and easy sharpening if its knives. It can also be used for most other brands of Japanese style knives, but the angle at which it sharpens is not suitable for European knives.

The addition of water as per the instructions allows the oblique-set ceramic wheels to work much like a whetstone, quickly restoring your knives to razor sharpness.

This cannot be used with traditional Japanese knives sharpened only on one side or with serrated knives.

Age Restricted Product
Knives cannot be sold to persons under the age of 18.
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Great price and very rapid delivery. Great value and service. Thanks
A brilliant product and a first class service, excellent experience that a lot of other companies could adopt to their credit. Will definitely look to Millys Kitchen first, next time I require similar goods.
Patrick Noakes
I can't comment personally on the product as it was a gift, but my son, who's the chef at his home, is delighted with it - and it came at a very good price, too, and a lot cheaper than Amazon.
Jenny Harris
Bought for my husband as a xmas present for his global Sao knives. He thinks it is amazing as has got them back to their original sharpness
David Harris
Excellent. Before using for the first time I recommend you buy a pack of plasters from Boots for use until you become practiced with a genuinely sharp knife. I had to use kitchen roll, but I'm showing a steady improvement.
I was worried my Global Knives were not what I had expected... a quick call with Harry at Milly and he suggested this sharpener ... fantastic results... very pleased
Very pleased with product, service and delivery
does what it says on the tin !
Good price, delivered quickly does the job
Should have gotten one sooner! Works well with non-Japanese knives too.
Excellent sharpener, also works well with other non Global knives.
Great price and speedy delivery, shame from a recycling point of view that the replacement parts are as expensive as a whole new one.
Sharp as a blade can get. Quick delivery.
I have the Global G66 which i also purchased from here and I used this Minosharp to sharpen it. It did a fantastic job in getting it back to samurai razor sharp. Very easy to use. watch videos on youtube on how to use.
Tom Herbert
fantastic sharpener at a great price - well recommended
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Shinkansen Minosharp Sharpener Grey and Black 220GB