Stellar Pans

Stellar Pans. We are pleased to present a selection of Stellar cookware and kitchenware, including many new products, additions to successful collections and innovative and exclusive products. Free delivery to most UK postcodes

Stellar Pans at Millys Store

Stellar Pans is a British company that has been trading for over 100 years and has built up a strong reputation as a leading pots and saucepans manufacturer.

The ranges are renowned for high quality and Stellar cookware has become a well-known household brand often used by celebrity chefs. But don't let that make you think that Stellar Pans are only for professionals; at Millys, we pride ourselves on providing products to help you become a great chef and we have everything you'll need to complete your dream kitchen.

The thickness and weight of the material used in a saucepan plays an essential part in the quality of heat distribution its longevity; the wall thickness of a Stellar stainless steel pan is never less than 0.6mm and aluminium pans can be up to 4mm thick. Every item is hand polished and inspected and all Stellar cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Whatever your requirements, Millys gives you the widest choice for Stellar Pans and up to 70% off selected ranges.

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