Tableware & Kitchenware White By Sophie Conran

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If you like the simplicity of white dishes and you’re also a design fan with a taste for something modern and cool, Sophie Conran’s White Dinnerware Collection blends Japanese serenity with English eccentricity. She’s the quintessential British tableware designer and she’s created a striking white range that defines your home as current and refined. Your guests will know that dinner’s going to taste good when the table looks that great!

Tableware & Kitchenware White at Millys Store

Why We Love Sophie Conran’s White Tableware & Kitchenware

We adore the soft shapes and organic curves of these dishes. They make your table look clean and bright. The simplicity of white tableware is hard to beat and the interesting shapes and textures make it slightly offbeat but a cut above other deluxe ranges.


Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

Freezer safe

Porcelain material

Easy to clean

Designed to perform at temperatures normally used when cooking

Oven to table

Free delivery to most UK postcodes

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