Tamahagane Knives

The name Tamahagane is shared with that of the high quality steel used for these knives. From the Japanese Tama, meaning precious or jewel-like, and Hagane, meaning steel, Tamahagane costs 50 times more than ordinary steel & contains upto 1.5% carbon for strength. Its quality is determined by its colour & only the brightest silver pieces are used.

Tamahagane Knives at Millys Store

Tamahagane Knives are made from 3-ply Stainless Steel using traditional techniques in Niigata, Japan, whereby the blade is repeatedly thinned to remove all impurities to leave a hard and pure stainless steel. They have a tactile, laminated wood handle which makes them very distinctive and attractive.

The blades of all Tamahagane Knives have an exceptionally sharp edge, which is the hallmark of this range of knives, and cooks will love how easily a Tamahagane knife sharpens.

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