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Tamahagane San Tsubame Micarta 21cm Chef's Knife

Tamahagane San Tsubame Micarta 21cm Chef's Knife


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Tamahagane San Tsubame Micarta 21cm Chef's Knife

Featuring hand-hammered blades inspired by traditional Japanese forging, the Tamahagane San Tsubame Micarta series is the ultimate combination of performance and elegance. At the core of every Tamahagane Hammered knife is VG5 Japanese steel that is hardened to 61 degrees Rockwell, and bonded with two outer layers of softer SUS410 stainless steel. This construction creates a blade that is the perfect balance of sharpness and edge retention. The handles are crafted of fine Micarta that provides an impressive look and feel of wood while being more durable. Micarta is a pressed linen material that is infused with resin, creating a comfortable grip with no maintenance required. Razor sharp edges are skillfully honed to 14 and are highly polished. Handcrafted in Japan, Lifetime Warranty.

Tamahagane San Tsubame 21cm Chef's Knife has a gently curved blade and impeccable strength allowing it to excel at a range of tasks..

The word tamahagane refers to the central core of a samurai sword which had to be both strong and outrageously sharp. The ancient joke goes that prisoners should still be pleading for their liberation upon completion of swords strike through the neck, so keen is the executioners weapon that the flesh, muscle and sinew are not disturbed and only separate upon movement or blood loss. Our quest for an accessibly priced collection of Western style knives with an edge of such silkiness that the integrity of even the most challenging ingredients would be maintained led us to the Arai workshop.


BRAND: Tamahagane
PRODUCT TYPE: Chefs Knives
STYLE: Tamahagane
SIZE: 21cm
MATERIAL: 3 Ply Hammered Finish Steel

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